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Your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) is the reflection of your business. Depending on the goals, operations, processes and people involved; we create the best solution for your particular case.

Odoo partners for over a decade Odoo certifications Google Partners
Odoo is your ERP for everything

What Odoo ERP can do for your business

As Odoo Partners we collect the necessary information to cover your needs and optimise processes, creating an improvement in time and efficiency.

Odoo partners for over a decade Odoo certifications


Our Odoo consultants generally have a master's degree in computer science and are used to enhance our client's business process.

Upgrade & Migration

Maintain your system with the latest optimisations and the advantages of having the latest version.


Our Odoo development team has over 12 years of experience in customising and implementing Odoo solutions for specific business requirements.

Operation & Hosting

In order to know the best hosting for your ERP or CRM it is important to know the size of your project and the possibility of disaster recovery among other factors.


Our developers provide functional and technical support to customers and help you determine any technical issues that may arise. We look for the best solutions tailored to your business needs.

Our Odoo ERP

We can do whatever you need, but we are specially experienced in this sectors.

B2B & B2C

Create an e-commerce website with powerful tools to help you find customers, drive sales and manage your daily tasks. Control and manage your marketplace with Odoo no matter what your e-commerce

Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

With Odoo CRM, tracking our customer-related activities is much easier. Here the main focus is on contact information, communication history and our sales opportunities with potential and existing

& Multilanguage

Communicate effectively in different languages and take your business to the international market with multilingual capabilities.


In order to know the best hosting for your ERP or CRM it is important to know the size of your project and the possibility of disaster recovery among other factors.

Why choose odoo?

Main Odoo


Made freely available for possible tailor-made modification depending on your goals. Find out Real Flexibility.


Implement, upgrade or remove as many functions as you need without affecting the others so that you always have a stable base.


We organise team activities and it is easy to see us many days eating hamburgers somewhere near the office

to use

Forget about complicated software, we create a customised control panel to make it easy to use.
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Alliantum Odoo consulting service


Odoo is connected to developers and business leaders around the world who can help build applications on the platform. It can be a challenge for business owners and executives to keep up with the constantly evolving platform. For this reason Odoo consultants are available to help you stay on top of the latest Odoo news and updates that are directly relevant to your business. We offer Odoo consulting services to help you customise and implement Odoo.

Upgrade and migration service for Odoo, by Alliantum

Upgrade & Migration

If you have to make a migration or upgrade with Odoo you will have the advantage that you do not need to upgrade to the latest version immediately or forced, Odoo provides maintenance up to the three latest versions so you can make the migration at the best possible time. Before making this migration you should take into account aspects such as the version age, the type of installation you have as well as the hosting and other technical factors. That's why in Alliantum we provide the upgrade and migration service, allowing a smooth and safe transition to new development possibilities with Odoo.

Odoo development by Alliantum


With more than 12 years of experience in the development, customisation and implementation of Odoo solutions for different business requirements, our developers are able to handle every challenge that comes their way. We develop Odoo modules better known as Apps, custom themes, web development adapted to the size and needs of your company and the correct configuration and installation to ensure the correct layout of the elements and their functionalities.

Alliantum hosting

Operation & Hosting

In order to choose the best hosting for your Odoo installation, it is necessary to know in depth the use of the software, including the number of users, the type of installation, the bandwidth, the server connection and therefore the processing speed and other details such as the possibilities of backup and recovery of information. For all this, our expert developers take into account each of the aspects of the project to arrive at the most suitable hosting for each situation.

Alliantum Odoo support service


Our support experts offer solutions to technical problems that may occur. Thanks to their extensive experience with Odoo, they are able to effectively fix any possible errors, changes or queries. We try to take care of the smallest details of all integrations that the customer may have or even need so Odoo keeps working properly trough updates, changes and more.

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