Odoo advantages as a modern ERP

Why Odoo?: Odoo advantages as a modern ERP

  • In Odoo, such business activities as Sales, Customer Service, E-commerce, Accounting & Invoicing, Purchase, Inventory and many others are fully integrated with each other. This allows your executives to steer critical workflows efficiently across departments and overview the work in progress easily in one interface. Planning for long term success with an easily adaptable enterprise software solution might be one of the most important decisions in the long-term development and growth of your business. Odoo advantages for your company:

1. Focus on economic efficiency and overall performance

Odoo initially started as an ERP for growing businesses and SMEs. This means, first of all, that every company can begin using it without investing big amounts of money and efforts in the complex solutions.

The most Odoo modules are easy to install and start to work with. Using one platform with many modules helps you to save money for additional programs. But even if you still want to continue using third parties programs, it is possible to integrate them with Odoo easily.

Last but not least, relatively low purchasing and maintenance cost of Odoo will pleasantly surprise you.

2. Other essential advantage of Odoo is its customer centric approach.

While many other ERPs represent Accounting centric solutions, Odoo focuses on the customer embracing all key business processes along the company’s value chain - from the first contact with the customer until the final delivery. With Odoo you can be sure that you will never loose sight of your customers.

3. Optimise your operational expenses through more automation

The bigger your business is, the more important is to ensure that your core processes run smoothly.

The idea of Odoo is keep your business processes as simple as possible according to the best practices, eliminating unproductive work, automating repeating operations, as well as monitoring possible “bottlenecks”.

In Odoo, many repetitive and routine tasks can be automated easily and relieve your employees for more strategic work. Moreover, Odoo can trigger many activities by itself.

4. Increase transparency for better management decisions

Using customisable management reports and dashboards for the monitoring of key performance indicators you can keep track on the state of your business on the daily basis whenever and wherever you want - on the business trip, sabbatical or retreat.

5. Save money for IT development through Open source and extended functionality

The open source feature of the company’s code allows ERP professionals like Alliantum to adjust and customise its software to the specific needs of their clients easily.

Since its first release in 2005 Odoo has been developing to one of the most popular ERPs globally. Additionally to around 30 official modules now you can take advantage of many thousands of add-ons which were developed on the open source basis. Consequently, you can save costs for additional programming and IT support.

6. Get the best IT support

Using Odoo Cloud solutions you can forget about lasting server administration. Moreover, working in the Cloud allows you to get access to your data from everywhere. This can be an important benefit, if your company has several divisions in different locations.

Last but not least, the Cloud solution is noticeably more economical than other solutions.

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