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Implementation of an employee time tracking system: requirements and solutions

According to the ruling of the European Court of Justice of 14 May 2019, all EU member states must oblige employers to record the working time of their employees accurately, objectively and reliably. The ruling also stipulates that home work and sales force must be registered in future. Every e-mail and every business telephone call could become recordable.

Reasons why a time attendance software could be important for your company:

  • To register overtime, i.e. the working hours exceeding eight hours on a working day. These records must be kept for two years.
  • For recording the start and end of working time and the number of hours worked. However, this is only required for low paid employees and some of the sectors listed in the Black Labor Act.
  • In addition, the obligatory breaks as well as the rest periods between the end of a working day and the beginning of a new one must be maintained.
  • In order to verify the presence. Most companies are primarily concerned with ensuring that the maximum daily working hours of eight hours or the weekly 40 hours are not exceeded or that employees do not work less than their contractual working hours.
  • As part of modern human resources policy. Flexible working hours as well as a home office, make a better work-life balance possible for the employees and it increases their satisfaction in long-term. To ensure that the whole situation does not get out of hand, continuous time recording is a must.

Which functions must a time recording system have?

During the development of the time tracking model, it should be ensured that the system is simple, easy to understand and secure. It should also be highly flexible and personalized so that important factors such as industry, company size, type of activity and working model of the employees could be taken into the account.

Some of the typical functions of a time tracking system are:

  • Recording of the working hours
  • Differentiation of work time models for individual employees or groups (shift and fixed working hours, variable and/or flexitime)
  • Automatised reporting, which can be set individually (weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Analysis function (e.g. attendance) and absence display, overtime evaluation
  • Entry of working hours by the employee using a online application

Features of modern time recording systems

  • Possibility of recording remote work
  • Wide range of analysis functions (analysis of productive vs. non-productive time, creation of employee profiles - especially in combination with electronic bracelets)
  • Integration of a project controlling and accounting software, which allows you to record project-related and line tasks separately and thus compare the productivity of employees and cost centers.
  • Possibility for employees to query data (time balances, holiday credit, etc.) using an online tool, a mobile application or directly at the terminal.
  • Integrated absence and shift planning
  • Manually configure notifications according to the needs of your human resources department when certain events occur (e.g. Sunday work)
  • Interface for payroll accounting (this allows for example overtime or night shift bonuses). In order to represent different collective agreements and working time models, the corresponding rules can be defined in the system.

Thanks to the cooperation with a German production company, we have developed our own Odoo time recording software, which has proven to be highly efficient and stable. It can be connected to the Odoo module "Attendances" as well as to other well-known ERP systems.

You can choose in which form you want to use the time recording software - as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a bracelet that is also used to access control or as a fingerprint scanner.

Working approach

After a detailed analysis of your company and the legal requirements, we will draw up a catalogue of requirements together with you. The next step is to adapt our software to your individual needs and processes. The required connections will be prepared and time recording devices configured. Several tests and employee training courses complete the development phase. At the end of the project we will hand over the product and the necessary documentation to you.

Contact us and receive your own time recording system!

Which aspects do you need to consider when you implement an employee time tracking system?

  • Check the legal requirements
  • In all cases, it is important to ensure that the regulations of the work agreement are respected.
  • It is essential to obtain the agreement of the works committee (if applicable). The council has a right of co-determination and can intervene if the interests of the employees and data protection at the workplace are endangered by the time recording.
  • Depending on the employer, federal, state, local and collective regulations must be complied with.
  • Bring a data protection officer aboard: This person should be familiar with the current regulations regarding data protection in the workplace and thus also with the company's requirements for recording working hours.
  • System capacity requirements: number of employees, number of users, expected data volume, duration of data storage, etc.

Given the current debate in society regarding privacy, data protection requirements in particular are becoming increasingly important.

Goal: prevent the use or disclosure of personal data, including records of working hours

  • Admission control: access to data processing systems must be limited
  • Access control: Data processing systems should not be used by unauthorised persons.
  • Transfer control: When transferring data, including those of the working time recording system, unauthorised reading, copying or removal of data must always be prevented if possible.
  • Input control: If data has been changed, it must be possible to trace who has done this
  • Order control: data is only processed according to instructions and not otherwise.
  • Availability control: data is protected against loss and destruction
  • Data collected for different purposes must also be processed separately.

We are pleased to give you advice on other factors that should be taken into consideration during the planning process. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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