Employees time tracking system

Every company needs a system to track the working hours of their employees. However, in these days where working from home has become more important, it is necessary to have a flexible and easy to use time recording system. Odoo offers you a simple way to overcome this task but maybe you want to adapt it to your company needs. We offer you the perfect solution - the Alliantum Employees Time Tracking. Learn more about how we improved the solution which Odoo offers, what we can do for your company and why you should use our product.

How does it work?

Your employees will track their working time trough a terminal in Odoo by a RFID chip. The reader runs on a Raspberry Pi.

What does the Odoo Attendances module do?
The Odoo Attendances module is very simple. You can track the login and logout of your employees. Nowadays, you want to monitor so much more than these two factors. That is why improved the Odoo module and created or own time tracking system.

What does the Alliantum Employees Time Tracking do?
Apart from the login and logout function, your employees will be able to enter breaks and view their own time sheets at any time. Watch the following video how your time tracking system could look like:

Terminal of the Alliantum Employee Time Tracking System

As you have seen in the video thanks to the Alliantum Employees Time Tracking the employee can login/logout and take a break by just one click. It’s very easy and simple!

Working hours

The employee can check his working hours at any time. He knows exactly when he started to work, how long did he make a break and when he left his work. Any overtime or minus hours are displayed. Last but not least, he can check which days are public holidays and how many vacation days he have left.

Table overview of the working hours in one week

In the allocation of legal leaves the employee and his manager see the amount of overtime an employee has made. This hours can be converted into credit to spend on days off. When the manager clicks on approve, then the hours will be discounted from this credit.

It's possible to use the positive balance as an argument to new allocation of free hours or days

At this point we have to highlight one feature of our time tracking system. If an employee starts for example to work very early, doesn’t stop enough time for a break or works at his holidays, a warning will be send to the HR department. This is a great feature to monitor the health of each of your employees. At the chapter Adapt time tracking system to your company you will find more detailed information about this topic.

Detailed reports

We have also improved the report. The Alliantum Employees Time Tracking Report is more detailed than the one Odoo offers. With our report you get an overview of the working hours and also a view of the absences such as vacation, public holidays or sick days. The report can be printed weekly or monthly by the HR department or the employee himself.

The weekly report can be printed from here

Adapt time tracking system to your company

The Alliantum Employees Time Tracking system is very flexible and can be adapted to every company needs. For you as a company it’s important to know, what kind of features can be set up. As mentioned, the Alliantum Employees Time Tracking system includes many options. For example you decide if you have flexible or non flexible working hours. You can set up how long does your employees have to take a break.

Editing a day of the week (semiflexible schedule)

Furthermore, you can decide the maximum of working hours per day. If someone doesn’t stick to the rules a warning will be send to the HR department. Here you can see, which kind of warnings can be set up.

Decide which warning to apply for this schedule

Another interesting point is, if you have several offices at different countries, the public holidays will be adapted.

Integrated with OCA Public Holidays module. The balance is calculated considering those free days, and public holidays can be also found in the weeks and months views per employee.

Raspberry and RFID Kit

We recommend you the Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 and the RFID kit. You can buy both by your own and install everything you need. But we also can do that for you. The only thing that we have to know, are your expectations and your needs.

What kind of services do we offer?

  • Installation of Odoo and modules
  • Adaptation of the modules to the company need
  • Purchase of the hardware and installation
  • Installation manual
  • Support and answering of possible questions

Alliantum Employee Time Tracking

Let’s implement this great time tracking system in your company!